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Los Veranos Canopy Tour

If you are looking for thrills and excitement during your next adventurous Puerto Vallarta getaway, make sure you connect with Los Veranos Canopy Tour. This local adventure company has a little bit for everyone—from jetting across the bay to visiting the “Los Arcos” Natural Preserve or zip lines. Take a look at all the fun you can have with Los Veranos Canopy Tour:

World Famous Zip Lines

If you have not experienced a zip line before, you are in for quite the treat. Los Veranos will take you above the treetops surround Puerto Vallarta. The Black Diamond zip line course lets you zip down over 500 feet above the jungle canopy at 30 mph for a quarter mile. The last zip line will take you to their Tequila Bar and Riverfront Restaurant. Enjoy some delicious Mexican food and ice-cold drinks before you enter the animal sanctuary. Adults can even enjoy a traditional tequila tasting at the tequila bar!

Animal Sanctuary

If you love animals, you will enjoy a trip through their animal sanctuary. You will see incredible wildlife that is native to the area including iguanas, turtles, exotic toucans, reptiles, colorful fish, and more. Trained staff will give you all kinds of information about these critters and even let you pet and feed some of them.

River Fun

The animal sanctuary and restaurant are located right along the beautiful Los Horcones River. This cascading river creates little pocket pools where you can swim and relax. Feel free to kayak over to the rushing waters or slide down built-in water slides. There is a groomed beach onsite where you can stretch out and relax. The kids will love to go swimming, build sandcastles, and wade out into the water.

Speed Boat Ride

Los Veranos has their exhilarating SEA departures that takes you to the Banderas Bay so you can zip around in a speed boat. You will even be able to visit a bird sanctuary found just off the coast!

Containg Los Veranos

Get started on your thrill-seeking adventure by contacting Los Veranos directly. Cal them at 1-800-396-9168 or by emailing

Your Puerto Vallarta Vacation Awaits

Enjoy the many activities available exclusively from Los Veranos. Get ready for your trip by reserving one of our exclusive vacation rentals in the city. Each property has exclusive amenities and lets you enjoy your own personal lodging. Call today and see which of our rentals will be perfect for your stay!