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Monumental Callao

Come enjoy a fleeting sociocultural experience with a visit to Monumental Callao. This local cultural and art center keeps the art community thriving in Puerto Vallarta with art, innovation, and creation. Monumental Callao is a location where no discrimination between skin color, sexual choice, and religion is given. Instead, you will find a visit that will inspire through art, history, and literature. Here is what a visit to Monumental Callao will entail:


Monumental Callao showcases some of the largest festivals that focuses on art, fashion, and photography. This organization helps to network different art galleries and residency programs so that local artists can be given the chance to find their audience. The International Contemporary Art Festival is held each year at Monumental Callao between April through August where artists from all over the world come to showcase their work. The International Photography Festival occurs from September through January and brings incredible photography exhibits with it. The Monumental Fashion festival is the first of its kind at Monumental Callao. This festival will combine art, technology, and music that showcase the moving community of the area.

Monumental Callao also showcases different galleries throughout the year in addition to the festivals. Art galleries that are including with Monumental Callao include the Tokyo Gallery, IK Project, 360 Gallery, Evolution Gallery, and more. Resident artists from the area are also on display so you can see the talent coming out of Puerto Vallarta.

Tour Monumental

Explore the neighborhood surrounding Monumental Callao with an in-depth tour of the graffiti and architectural jewels. The Historic Center of Callao features the Graffiti Route including more than 60 murals from different artists from all over the world. In fact, this site is listed as a top urban art route in all of Latin America. Groups can be taken around the area in groups of 5 people or more and last for approximately one hour.

Finding Monumental Callao

You can stop in Monumental Callao between the hours of 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM Tuesday through Sunday. Email any questions you have to Monumental Callao can be found at Jr. Constitution 250.

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