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Punta Mita Hospital

It can be nerve-wracking when traveling abroad when a medical emergency comes up. Accidents happen and it’s a good idea to be ready just in case something does occur. Punta Mita is home to Punta Mita Hospital, a local hospital that can take care of a variety of medical concerns and emergencies and tailors to the many tourists that frequent the city. Not only do people come to Punta Mita to enjoy a vacation getaway but also to seek the incredible medical assistance from Punta Mita Hospital.

Medical Tourism Advantage

Medical tourism is when individuals from one country travel to a neighboring country for medical assistance. Many Americans cross the border every day to seek medical help that is more budget-friendly yet receive even greater care. Punta Mita Hospital specializes in assisting those from other countries in receiving medical assistance during their time in Punta Mita. In fact, most consumers save approximately 40% on their medical costs when traveling out of their home country to receive medical assistance. Punta Mita Hospital has been serving the patrons of Punta Mita for years to achieve their incredible reputation. Punta Mita Hospital has even partnered with Novacare Medical Insurance to assist patients in paying for their medical bills.

Variety of Medical Departments

Punta Mita Hospital is similar to any other medical hospital that you will find in the United States. In fact, they offer the full range of medical services that any other hospital provides but without the inflated costs. Punta Mita tourists can enjoy medical services such as Primary Care, ICU, Emergency Care, a fertility center, and much more. Punta Mita Hospital even offers a selection of specialty services such as neurosurgery, plastic surgery, osteopathy, and more. Even you have a specific medical condition, you are practically guaranteed to find medical services for it at Punta Mita Hospital.

Finding Punta Mita Hospital

Visitors to Mexico can find Punta Mita Hospital at Acceso a Punta Mita No.1, Punta de Mita, 63734. Working hours are available Monday through Friday 9:00am to 6:00pm and Saturdays from 9:00am to 2:00pm. If you have any emergencies during your time in Punta Mita, make sure to call the emergency line at 329-688-0068. You can download their emergency app on the app store.

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