Tours for the Best Snorkeling in Mexico

Travelers have a lot to gain from a trip to the Yucatan Peninsula. This area of stunning, scenic beauty, amazing shopping, delectable dining options, and incredible views is designed by nature for fun, excitement and enjoyment. With so many things to see and do, it can be difficult to create the ideal itinerary. While there’s much to see by way of land, the Yucatan Peninsula is an oasis of underwater adventure as well. You don’t have to be an expert to make the most of incredible marine life that thrives in pristine waters while you’re here. Enjoy booking one of the many snorkeling tours available with Interentals that introduces travelers to an underwater world of adventure they might never have otherwise imagined. Learn more about the best snorkeling in Mexico below!

A Beautiful Experience Below the Waves

This region of Mexico is teeming with irresistible beauty that has long made a haven for itself just below the surface of the water. The Yucatan Peninsula boasts a variety of breathtaking coves, reef, and cenotes just waiting to be explored. Guests who book one of our many snorkeling tours will enjoy the option to choose between an adventure within the warm, Caribbean waters or a dip in one of the endlessly alluring cenotes. While each provides its unique take on underwater ecosystems, you can’t go wrong when so much beauty and enlightenment await. Tulum snorkeling tours are particularly popular.

Tour Options

A standard snorkeling tour booked with Interentals lasts an average of 5 hours and upon guest request, can be customized to fit six language options for added convenience. Tours begin at $35 per person and can increase up to $75 per person depending on the extras available to add to the experience. All activities and entrance fees are included in the cost of a tour ticket as well as the gear you’ll need to safely maneuver and observe in the water. A beachside lunch can be expected on these tours as well as drinks and snacks to keep cravings at bay during your adventures. Your professional guide is part of the experience and is on-hand to provide advice, instruction, and insight into the many creatures and ecosystems that call these waters home. As an added convenience, guests will be transported to and from the snorkel sites with the added benefit of wonderful views along the route as well. It’s easy to see why this is considered the best snorkeling in Mexico!

Preparing for Tulum Snorkeling Tours & Beyond

Beyond the inclusions, guests who book a snorkel tour are encouraged to pack a bathing suit, hat, towel and reusable water bottle for the trip. Keeping the safety and integrity of this fragile and beautiful underwater environment is key to prolonging its continued success and enjoyment. In the name of eco-friendly excursions, we encourage guests booked on snorkel tours to pack biodegradable sunscreen for their journey.

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