Traditional Mexico Cooking School

The Riviera Maya is a captivating destination with a reputation built on bold regional flavors. Visitors to this area that consider themselves culinary enthusiasts will love the option to participate in a class or workshop experience at a traditional Mexico cooking school during their stay. These classes and workshops are hosted by renowned local Chef Alejandra Kauachi who is on a mission to introduce the many flavors, spices and authentic appeal of Mexican cuisine to aspiring chefs from around the world.

Get Hands-on with Traditional Techniques & Flavors

This 6-hour event is offered starting at $125 per participant and is available for instruction in English, Spanish or French upon request. Your culinary experience begins at the Mexican cooking school with a traditional Mexican breakfast that includes coffee and pastries. Once you’ve had your fill, journey through an eco-friendly organic garden and enjoy learning about the produce that is used to create incredible dishes that keep health and flavor top of mind.

The garden tour is followed by a hands-on cooking experience with Chef Kauachi. Participants will learn seven difference recipes that highlight regional Mexican favorites with a break in between lessons of Mayan snacks and salsas. This informative and engaging class ends with an opportunity to enjoy the food you’ve spent the day preparing. A tequila tasting comes included with this Mexican cooking school experience and each and every participant gets to keep their apron and a recipe book as a souvenir. Participants will walk away from this culinary journey with more perspective on the richness of Mexico’s culinary scene while more fully understanding the challenges that surround living, working and cooking in remote destinations.

A Day of Culinary Delight at the Mexican Cooking School

Water, soft drinks, beer and snacks are included in this class at the traditional Mexico cooking school as well as cooking equipment, a full lunch and professional chef instruction. It’s highly recommended that participants bring biodegradable insect repellent with them to this class as well as a camera. Be sure to wear comfortable clothing for this day-long experience that’s to be as unforgettable as it is flavorful!

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