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Trio – Comida Mediterranea

When it comes to visiting Puerto Vallarta, you probably expect to find plenty of incredible Mexican food waiting for you at the restaurants in town. This is absolutely true, and we encourage to try out as many of these great restaurants as you can find! We also recommend trying one of the other cuisine options you would not normally expect to find in Puerto Vallarta such as delicious Mediterranean cuisine. Trio is a casual yet elegant cosmopolitan restaurant in Puerto Vallarta that focuses on this European cuisine with a unique Mexican twist.

Regular Menu

Using the term regular for Trio is a bit of a misnomer, as the everyday menu you find here is exemplary. Order starters that included grilled oysters, Lebanese salad, beef carpaccio, and coriander squid. Soups and salads are a lighter yet still delicious menu item you will enjoy. The pasta menu provides Italian dishes with a Mediterranean vibe like the spinach ravioli, shrimp ravioli, portobello mushroom, and more. Freshly caught seafood including grilled swordfish steak, red snapper, and shrimp galega are great protein options. Finally, you can also order a rack of lamb or baked rabbit to enjoy unique meat options found nowhere else in Puerto Vallarta.

Chef’s Menu

If the regular menu has too many options, let the chef pick out your meal for you. The Chef’s Menu is a four-course dining experience all for one price. The Chef’s Menu Changes Monthly, highlighting the freshest, most delicious food Trio has to offer. Enjoy dessert with dark chocolate terrine with cinnamon ice cream. There is no one better to pick out your meal than the chef at Trio!

Finding Trio

You can enjoy the fine dining experience at Trio by going to Guerrero #264 in the downtown Puerto Vallarta neighborhood. Call ahead to place your reservation by dialing 322-222-2196 or by emailing trio@triopv.com. Trio is open daily from 6:00 PM to 11:30 PM for dinner. Make sure to stick around for delicious dessert treats or a handmade cocktail.

Your Trip to Puerto Vallarta

A getaway to Puerto Vallarta has never tasted quite as good as it does at Trio. Make sure to visit this restaurant when you are looking to explore the rich food of the city. Call today and see which vacation rentals we offer in Puerto Vallarta that will keep you comfortable throughout your journey.