Turtle Conservation Mexico Tour with Dive or Snorkel and Beachside BBQ

A trip to the Yucatan Peninsula is packed with opportunity to experience natural beauty in all its splendor. For those travelers with a heart for conservation and a passion for contributing to wildlife welfare, the Turtle Conservation and Beachside BBQ tour is an amazing opportunity to combine the best of both! When combined with a dive or snorkel excursion, this once in a lifetime opportunity becomes a trip that’s truly unforgettable.

Turtle Habitats Come to Life

This 6-hour Turtle Conservation Mexico tour begins at $50 per person and is available in six languages upon guest request. Dinner is included in the cost of a ticket, but the unforgettable memories come at no cost. The Turtle Conservation tour is best booked between the months of May and September when Sea Turtle Season is in full swing. During this dynamic timeframe, the Green Turtle, Loggerhead and Hawksbill turtles make their way back to the beaches across Xpu-Ha and Riveria Maya where they were hatched to build nests and lay eggs of their very own. During this time, the beaches and turtles become protected under the Sea Turtle Protection and Hatchery Program. Dedicated teams of researchers and conservationists keep a close eye on nesting and work hard to make sure that baby turtles make their way safely back into the water once they emerge from the nest.

An Inspiring Excursion That Gives Back

Booking the Turtle Conservation and Beachside BBQ tour is a great way to experience wildlife at its finest and feel great knowing that profits from this tour go back towards the conservation program. Begin the day with a diving excursion or snorkeling in Mexico accompanied by a knowledgeable and friendly guide willing to give insight into the underwater wonders you witness. Once you’ve worked up an appetite with your day’s adventures, a beachside BBQ is prepared to cure any and all cravings. Dinner includes everything from lobster to savory fish wrapped in banana leaves; however, this tour is known for its amazing and tasty tacos.

Once the sun goes down, the magic truly begins. The opportunity to witness sea turtles coming up and out of the sea to build nests happens during the evening hours and is truly breathtaking to behold. See these creatures follow their instincts as they promote their population under the stars. If you happen to be booked for an evening a baby turtle release is planned, you’re more than welcome to partake in the amazing cause! It’s a great chance to get directly involved with turtle conservation in Mexico.

Book a Meaningful Stay

When you’re in the Yucatan to experience the best of nature, be sure to let the team at Interentals help with your luxurious accommodation options. Contact us today for more information on great places to stay, snorkeling in Mexico, and the many other fantastic activities you can enjoy!