Discover Coba & Tulum – Tulum & Coba Activities

8 hours Lunch Included


A trip to the Yucatan Peninsula is bound to be exciting but made all that much more dynamic when you book a trip that takes you deep into the history and culture of this fantastic destination. The Discover Coba & Tulum tour is a wonderful way to encounter the natural beauty and cultural landmarks that have long made this area a destination of intrigue and adventure. Learn how to get started on one of the best things to do in Tulum below!

An Immersive Cultural Experience at Coba

Beginning at $138 per person, the Discover Coba & Tulum adventure can be hosted in a variety of preferred languages upon request and in total is an 8-hour fun-filled experience simply stuffed with Coba activities. The day begins on bike as you ride and explore the famed Coba archeological site. For those that are looking for a more chauffeured experience, bikes can be swapped out for transportation upon request. Once you reach the Nohoch Mul temple pyramid, even grander adventure awaits. Hop off your bike and begin the amazing climb up this incredible structure that has earned the reputation as the tallest pre-Hispanic pyramid that sits in the Yucatan Peninsula. While the climb is not a required activity, it’s a once in a lifetime experience that’s sure to leave you feeling triumphant as you summit this incredible work of architecture. Once you’ve reached the top and taken those well-deserved photos, enjoy a gourmet beachside lunch with your group that features a variety of regional cuisine including chips, seasonal fruit, and savory guacamole.

Take Time to Unwind in Tulum

The excursion ends with a stop at Tulum where guests can enjoy lounging on the beach as well as a guided snorkeling trip in a beautiful and often mystically-appealing river complete with caves. The crystal-clear waters and rock formations that make up this landscape have earned Tulum it’s scenic title and makes it an unforgettable place to end the day.

Preparing for Your Coba Activities Tour

While much is included in the cost of this tour, you’ll want to be sure to pack a swimsuit, camera and comfortable clothing for ease of movement as you move through a variety of activities. While the destinations you set off to explore are stunning, the goal is to keep them around for years to come. In the spirit of eco-friendly travel, guests are encouraged to pack biodegradable sunscreen and insect repellent for the day. A towel comes in useful as you move between biking, swimming, and snorkeling throughout your Coba activities in Mexico.

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