Discover Mayan Underground Worlds

6 hours Lunch IncludedTransport Included


Where pristine beaches, inspiring stretches of coastline, turquoise waves and endless sun collide, Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula opens up as an amazing vacation destination for those travelers looking to relax and unwind in beautiful style. As stunning as it is exciting, the landscape that embodies the Yucatan Peninsula has long intrigued travelers from near and far looking for a place they can rejuvenate, explore and discover something amazing and new. While the land and sea promise to bring thrills, the Yucatan’s underground world holds adventures of its very own. For those looking to explore the depths that hold stories of the past during their travels, be sure to book the Discover Mayan Underground Worlds tour with Interentals during your stay for insight into the history of Mexico.

An Underground Mayan Adventure

Set aside 6 hours of time when you book this amazing excursion into the winding depths of the Yucatan Peninsula. Guests can request this tour be experienced in either English, Spanish or French and will enjoy a comprehensive tour where both transportation and lunch are included as an added convenience. The cost of this Mayan adventure begins at $116 per person but may fluctuate depending on the size of the group or customized features added upon request. The tour is built around exploring an extensive underground river system that provides an almost mystical locale for swimming, snorkeling and exploring at a leisurely pace.

Your knowledgeable guide is there to help answer questions you may have along the way and provide insight into the history of Mexico and how these tunnels came about over the course of millions of years. A collection of exotic rocks and awe-inspiring ecosystems makes this a tour that speaks just as clearly to the outdoor adventurer as it does the conservationist at heart. The journey ends with a well-deserved gourmet style beachside lunch that’s hosted for participants in the powdery white sand beaches of nearby Tulum. Savor the flavor of the region while reflecting on your incredible underground adventures.

Preparing for Your Journey

While gear, transportation, and food are provided on this tour, guests will want to be sure to pack a bathing suit, camera, towel and sandals for this excursion. In the spirit of protecting these amazing underground tunnels and fragile ecosystems, participants are encouraged to bring and use biodegradable sunscreen and insect repellent as well. Beyond this, be sure to bring an enthusiasm for discovery as this Mayan adventure is sure to introduce participants to a world they never would have imagined prior to encountering it for themselves.

Indulge in the History of Mexico & More

From above ground wonders to underground adventures, the Yucatan Peninsula is packed with excitement. Be sure to book your stay with Interentals to make the most of your amazing getaway. Contact us for more information and to begin planning or click here to see one of our amazing rentals!

What's included

Gear, transportation, and food are provided on this tour