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Taking time to experience the history, culture and beautiful sights of Tulum is always a welcome moment but being able to do it by bike adds a thrilling touch to the moment. Make the most of every moment in Tulum when you book the Explore Tulum by Bike tour, one of the best Tulum bike tours, during your Mexico stay. This 6-hour experience is conveniently available to participants in 5 different languages. Transportation and lunch are both included in the cost of this private tour which begins at $139 per person with costs decreasing with additional participants.

Sightseeing from a Bike in Tulum

Once you meet up with your local and knowledgeable guide, the bike Tulum tour takes off on two wheels. Your bike is provided so all you have to do is peddle your way into a one-of-a-kind experience. This tour is highly comprehensive and provides a wonderful overview of the area. Participants will bike through collections of ancient ruins as well as beautiful beaches, local hot spots and some of the most flavorful stops Mexico has to offer. Follow your guide along jungle paths and quiet routes that traverse the Caribbean shoreline. In contrast, you’ll have the chance to make your way through the heart of town and get a closer look at the art, culture, temples, and traditions that define the modern Maya.

Participants on this tour will appreciate the extensive chance to see a little bit of practically everything in Tulum over the course of a single afternoon. The combination of thrilling landscapes, area information, unique stops and of course, a few delicious tacos too make this a tour to remember.

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All activities and entrance fees, as well as gear, lunch, transportation, snacks and a professional guide, are included in the cost of the bike Tulum tour. Guests are encouraged to bring a bathing suit, sunscreen, and insect repellent as well as wear comfortable clothing for this experience. Additionally, it’s beneficial to pack a hat, sunglasses and a towel to best enjoy the journey. Contact us today to learn more about Tulum bike tours and to book one of our rentals! Or, click here to see one of our amazing rentals!