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Golf Cart Rentals


When it comes to a relaxing getaway to Riviera Nayarit and more specifically, the Punta de Mita area, guests will want to consider their mode of transportation in order to reduce stress, make time for each and every spectacular stop and seamlessly incorporate their stay into the style of the area. Leave the car, van, and truck far behind when you’re here and instead, choose to get around in tropical-inspired style by renting golf near Puerto Vallarta cart during your stay. This easy mode of transportation is much preferred by residents and visitors to the area alike. Not only does it make moving from place to place simple, but parking is a breeze and the comprehensive size of the cart is a great environmental gift to the area too.

Convenient Transportation

While a wonderful walk under the sun is never a bad idea when you’re in the Punta de Mita community, there are times when your destinations are just far enough that a golf cart comes in handy. On average, it takes visitors about 10 to 20 minutes to reach popular nearby restaurants and Beach Clubs, making a cart an essential feature of your getaway. The wonderful weather this area is known for means there’s little chance a golf cart won’t be an ideal option and guests will find that they are as comfortable as they are convenient! Be sure to enjoy some golf near Puerto Vallarta for your next trip here. Be sure to check out the best golf courses in Puerta Vallarta!

Getting Your Golf Cart Rental at the Best Golf Courses in Puerta Vallarta

When you’re ready to rent a golf cart for your stay, booking options can be customized to your particular preferences or needs. No matter which option you choose, booking a golf cart is a great way to get around and enjoy your stay to the fullest. Be sure to ask your experience concierge about how to get a booking in place prior to your arrival. Contact us now!