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Puerto Vallarta ATV Rentals in Nayarit


Without exception, a trip to Nayarit is a journey that’s bound to be filled with sweeping and scenic views. Mother Nature has done some of her finest work in this portion of Mexico’s Pacific Coast, providing visitors and locals with terrain that combines the very best of lush forest, mountains, golden sands, and blue waters. While there’s always an option to explore this dynamic terrain by foot or car, those visitors with a passion for off-the-beaten-path adventure will love the idea of booking one of the Puerto Vallarta ATV rentals and using the adrenaline-pumping fun as a way to get up close to the lush landscape.

Renting one of the Puerto Vallarta ATV rentals is a wonderful way to heighten the senses and savor every encounter with the great outdoors when you’re visiting Nayarit. Those who choose to take part in this experience will begin their journey at a nearby ranch. Here, they’ll meet up with their local and knowledgeable guide who promises to bring plenty of added fun and insight into the experience. Once participants are geared up and have been assigned their ATV, the group will follow their guide through an ever-changing jungle landscape and make the most of off-roading excitement. As you zip through trees, by water and around challenging terrain, be prepared to stop at a moment’s notice. Your guide will know exactly where to lead the group in order to get some of the most amazing photos that will commemorate your Puerto Vallarta experiences long after you’ve left.

ATV rental tours last an average of two hours and can be booked between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm. It’s highly suggested that participants arrive at least 15 minutes early to receive their gear and go through a thorough review of safety procedures before hitting the trails. A single ATV tour costs $95 USD while a double ATV experience begins at $140 USD. Durable clothing is recommended for this journey and participants should also be sure to bring their sense of adventure with them as well and to have memorable Puerto Vallarta experiences. Find your favorite vacation rental and contact us now! Or, click here to see one of our amazing rentals!