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Residents’ Beach Club in Punta Mita


Punta Mita, Mexico is a traveler’s dream come true on a variety of fronts. Those visitors with a heart for spectacular scenery will find vistas that bring postcard-inspired beauty to life. Those guests to this are that love culture, history and options to explore will find the setting ideal for discovery. Still, those that can’t wait to enjoy the area through its many flavors will find a wide variety of food options waiting to please the palate. When you’re here and looking to enjoy a setting that speaks to resort-style fun and flavors that capture the essence of the region, make your way to Residents’ Beach Club in Punta Mita where several opportunities await.

An Inviting and Savory Destination at the Residents’ Beach Club in Punta Mita

The Residents’ Best Beach Club in Punta Mita enjoys two specific locations, one of which provides views over the Pacific Ocean while the second offers up scenery overlooking Litibu Bay. Both locations are known for fantastic entertainment options as well as dining experiences that cater to guests of all ages with a wide range of culinary preferences. The Residents’ Best Beach Club in Punta Mita dining facilities are elegant, yet welcoming locales where guests feel free to order up everything from a robust, internationally-inspired meal to light beach fare when you’re in the mood for a quick bite. Service is always friendly, and portions are generous making this a family-friendly stop that’s as flavorful and it is convenient.

What to Order Up While You’re Here

When you aren’t making the most of kayaking tours, snorkel excursions and the beautiful swimming pools available at the Residents’ Beach Club, you’ll want to make the most of the time spent at the on-site dining facilities. Menu options are vast with guests easily ordering up fresh-caught fish of the day or sticking to those traditional favorites including burgers, pizza and beyond. A variety of Mexican fare is available including fish tacos and tasty tortas while those guests craving a plate that features the best of international fare won’t be disappointed with the selection available. Take in the view and take your time enjoying the flavors when you choose to dine at Residents’ Beach Club in Punta Mita.

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