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Scuba Diving in Punta Mita


It’s no secret that the above-the-waves view available to visitors who find themselves along the shores of Punta de Mita, Mexico is spectacular. Between the sugar-white beaches and turquoise waves, there’s something captivating about the combination that brings postcard-inspired perfection to life right before your eyes. However, what may be lesser known to visitors is the fact that what lies below the waves is just as intriguing and worth exploring while you’re here. Guests who book a stay with Interentals and are looking for a one of a kind adventure during their visit won’t want to miss the chance to participate in a scuba diving in Punta Mita excursion during their travels.

An Underwater Experience

Get ready to encounter the many plants, sea creatures and magical scenes that await just below the surface of the water when you book this fantastic experience. Scuba in Punta Mita excursions are led by a team of PADI-certified instructors that will point out incredible marine life as you make your way through the Pacific underwater terrain dotted with volcanic tunnels waiting to be explored. There are plenty of options for excursion destinations available to participants ranging from Los Anigados, Marieta Islands, or El Morro. The destination selected is often based on the participant’s skill level, but rest assured, each and every destination proves to be inspiring.

Booking Your Scuba Diving in Punta Mita Excursion

Whether you’re brand-new to scuba diving or can’t wait to add this adventure to your list of scuba in Punta Mita achievements, there’s an option waiting to welcome you while you’re here. Advanced divers with 20 or more dives under their belt are free to book a two-dive experience at Los Anigados or two dives at El Morro. Enjoy an underwater experience in customized style and be sure to speak to your experience concierge about how to best fit this amazing excursion into your itinerary. Learn more today about these amazing activities in Mexico! Also, be sure to browse some of the best vacation homes in the area, and book today!