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Sea Breeze Restaurant at the St Regis Beach Club


Punta Mita, Mexico is the ultimate place to be when you’re ready to kick back, relax and indulge in some coastal style. This delightful destination provides the very best of resort-style living alongside a vibrant local culture filled with history, tradition, and flavor. Whether you’re one for afternoons spent leisurely on the beach or a traveler that can’t wait to get out and explore the blue waves, Punta Mita provides just the right balance to leave you feeling invigorated, excited and refreshed as soon as you arrive. No matter how you spend your vacation, it’s likely that at some point, you’ll have an appetite to attend to. When you’re looking to enjoy a savory locale that includes a great atmosphere and plenty of delicious options, make your way to the Seabreeze Restaurant at the St Regis Beach Club.

A Taste of Punta Mita at the St Regis Beach Club

The St. Regis Punta Mita Resort is an elegant destination for guests who want to stay in style that also provides a balanced approach to dining options thanks to the inclusion of the Seabreeze Restaurant. Available to guests of the St. Regis Beach Club, as well as the general public, a stop at Sea Breeze, is designed to be a laid-back affair that’s filled with flavor from start to finish. Guests love the Sea Breeze Restaurant for its menu options but are also drawn to this destination thanks to the bright and welcoming setting it provides in combination with lush foliage and a flair for tropical-inspired décor. Guests can grab a seat at one of the many wicker tables on the open-air patio surrounded by tropical plants. The natural wood awning adds a delightful touch while the bright blue pillows and corresponding glassware remind guests they’re in a destination filled with vibrant color. Service is friendly at the Sea Breeze Restaurant and guests can enjoying dining here for breakfast, lunch or dinner daily.

Flavorful Fare

The menu options at the Sea Breeze Restaurant are often described as eclectic, delighting those guests looking to indulge in a selection of Latin-inspire plates with European infusion. Seafood with sides of organic produce are fan favorites at the Sea Breeze Restaurant while those looking for a heartier meal will enjoy a cut of Angus steak upon request.

Make the Most of Punta Mita

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