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Surf Lessons in Puerto Vallarta


There is a long list of ways that a visitor can discover the beauty, intrigue and captivating fun available to them along the Punta de Mita shoreline. While some will choose to soak up the sun’s rays from the sandy shore, others might turn to paddleboard or kayak when looking to capture the essence of fun on the waves during their stay. While all of these options are well-worth trying, those guests to the area that book with Interentals are provided the exclusive option of surf lessons in Puerto Vallarta when you’re ready to jump into the water with a surfboard in hand.

Head Out on the Water & Experience Surfing Near Puerto Vallarta

You don’t have to be an expert to make the most of a lesson. In fact, our team is dedicated to providing lessons that are customized to guests’ experience, skill level, and comfort. If you’ve never been on a surfboard, starting with a lesson is ideal when it comes to safety, instruction, and opportunities to improve your skills over time. Even if you’ve been on a surfboard once or twice, taking part in a lesson is a great refresher. For those advanced individuals who have just been away from the waves for a while, a surf lesson in Puerto Vallarta is a good way to get the body back into working shape and ready to hit the water with ease.

Book Your Surf Experience

Lessons with our team of trainers are hosted at either Sayulita or La Lancha depending on location preferences. You’ll begin on land, learning the basic techniques to surfing near Puerto Vallarta and practicing moves that will only aid you in the water. Once your instructor feels the group is ready to handle a beginning experience, you’ll make your way out into the waves and try your hand at standing up. Be sure to speak to your experience concierge about available lesson times to make your experience as convenient as possible within the scope of your itinerary. Check out our 5-bedroom vacation homes today, and learn about our amazing journeys to Mexico!