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Whale Watching in Punta Mita


A trip to Riviera Nayarit is bound to be an exceptional experience no matter what time of year you happen to arrive. Between the gorgeous stretches of sandy shoreline, tropical landscape, coastal communities and flavorful stops in between, a trip this direction has a way of reinvigorating the mind, body, and spirit. While spending time on the beach will be a well-deserved treat for guests, those that have a passion for encounters with amazing wildlife won’t want to miss a chance to book a whale watching in Punta Mita experience while they’re visiting the area.

Viewing the Gentle Giants

The waters that surround Punta Mita are clear, calm and also home to migrating pods of Humpback whales that make their way through this area between the months of December and May. In these welcoming waters, humpback whales enjoy a perfect place to find partners and bring calves into the world. For visitors, this means plenty of options to spot these massive, yet gentle giants on board a whale watching in Punta Mita tour. For guests who are staying with Interentals, there are plenty of options to customize this experience. Those who are most interested in simply spotting whales and admiring their beauty will enjoy a 45-minute whale watching tour alongside a certified captain and knowledgeable guide. Those who are intrigued by whale watching and learning more about their behaviors in equal measure will want to be sure to book the three-hour experience which will take you on a journey led by a naturalist. During this time, the onboard naturalist will be able to point out interesting behaviors as well as other mesmerizing sea creatures along the way. The three-hour experience also includes the chance to listen to whale songs beneath the water utilizing a live hydrophone system which is bound to be an exceptional experience for everyone onboard. This is one of the most interesting things to do in Punta Mita Mexico!

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