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paddle boarding in Puerto Vallarta

Surf, Kayak,& Paddle Boarding in Puerto Vallarta

The waters that lap the shoreline of the Pacific coast of Mexico are some of the most beautiful on the map. While visitors are often drawn this direction in the name of sugar-white sands and endless sunshine, there’s something to be said for the blue waves that provide the space for an amazing view in…

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Sierra Madre Mountains

Puerto Vallarta Zip Line Tours in the Sierra Madre Mountains

Running all the way from the Gulf of California along the western coast of Mexico, the Sierra Madre Mountains are a vast range that has long-inspired outdoor adventurers. Their towering peaks and front ranges covered in lush forest makes for a thrilling sight that can seem like a picture-book come to life. For visitors to…

12/06/2019 | by Tyler Fleck | |
top things to do in Puerto Vallarta

Mountain Biking in Puerto Vallarta, Sierra Madre

The Sierra Madre is a defining and iconic mountain range that makes up much of Mexico’s Pacific Coast. While the many peaks and forested valleys make for an intriguing sight to observe from a distance, there’s nothing like getting into the heart of the challenging terrain to truly capture the essence of the landscape’s beauty.…

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things to do in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Horseback Riding in Puerto Vallarta, Nayarit

Exploring the scenic beauty of the Nayarit landscape is a thrilling experience on foot or by vehicle, but those guests to this area that are looking for a truly unique way to soak up the sights will want to be sure to sign up for a horseback riding Puerto Vallarta adventure while they’re here. Guests…

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men kiteboarding

Kiteboarding in Mexico

The Yucatan Peninsula is a vacationers’ dream with its stunning landscape, endless stretches of white sand beach and amazing opportunities for dining and shopping. When you’re looking for a place to, there’s no place better on the map. However, a trip to this part of Mexico wouldn’t be complete without some quality time spent on…

11/12/2019 | by Salar Tanzif | |

In-Villa Tequila, Mezcal, Cigar & Mexico Wine Tastings

A trip to the Yucatan Peninsula promises to be an experience in scenic beauty. With so many sweeping ocean views, historic ruins and opportunities to encounter wildlife waiting, it’s not hard to see why visitors return time and again to explore more. While the excursions and activities are plentiful, sometimes the best way to experience…

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Canopy River

Puerto Vallarta is waiting for you to enjoy an unbelievable adventure to Mexico. While Puerto Vallarta may be best known for its incredible beaches and clear shores, there are countless activities found just outside the city. Enjoy a variety of activities such as zip lines, ATV tours, river rafting, free fall rappelling, and more. If…

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Sea Turtle and Zipline Expedition

The Yucatan Peninsula is packed with stunning beaches, amazing cultural experiences and of course sunshine that’s endlessly appealing. A vacation to this part of Mexico is bound to filled with opportunities to relax, shop, explore and discover but perhaps nothing is as exciting as encounters with the area’s amazing wildlife. For travelers to the area…

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Mexico Birding Tours at Sian Ka’an Biosphere

For many travelers, it’s the thrill of the landscape and exceptional opportunities to relax and unwind in style that draws them to the Yucatan Peninsula. Whether you’re one for sugar white beaches or a visitor who loves to make the most of open-air markets, there’s something irresistible about a Mexican getaway that includes all of…

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SUP Mexico Sunrise Session

A trip to Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula is often about the land-based thrills that are bound to capture the mind and imagination. From boutique shops to open-air markets, mesmerizing beaches to incredible dining establishments it’s hard to imagine a better place to relax and unwind once you arrive. While there’s much to see and do on…

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